About Us

Shenzhen ST Cloud technology Co.,LTD founded in 2018, is strategically invested by STCloud Global. The core technical team consists of a number of national high-tech and senior professionals. Already have multiple software copyrights such as distributed storage management software and cluster management software. STCloud initiated the establishment of the "China Distributed Storage Industry Alliance" and obtained the approval of the China Association for Promotion of Private Sci-Tech Enterprises (CAPPSE). At the same time, STCloud is also the vice-chairman unit of Distributed Storage branch and the governing unit of the Digital Economy Branch of CAPPSE. The governing unit of Shenzhen Software Industry Association.

Through the global deployment of storage and network nodes, NFT asset financial services and transaction solutions, NFT distributed storage solutions, and Metaverse project investment and incubation, it actively lays a solid foundation for the ecological landing of new infrastructure and the infrastructure construction of Metaverse.

The Core Team

  • 赖楚航 Aboat Lai

    Chairman of STCloud Globe, Founder of IPFS.CN and Distributed Storage Ecological Alliance.

  • 梁远升 Vincent Liang

    CEO of STCloud, Shenzhen "High-tech Talents"&"Pilot Talents", ten years of storage industry experience, familiar with storage industry chain.

  • 胡锋 Frank Hu

    COO of STCloud, has 15 years of operation management, brand marketing, e-commerce, Internet and blockchain industry operation experience.


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